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There are many options out there to build a website, whether coding it from scratch by using the always-essential HTML, CSS, Js combination or using a drag-and-drop builder – the choice is yours! CMS platforms are now becoming the new and fastest way to have a website live as seamlessly as possible. These CMS platforms, like WordPress and Hubspot, offer a user-friendly mixture of drag-and-drop web builders with in-depth styling options that can help your site look and feel as professional as your competition.

Today, we’ll discuss the best CMS platform options for launching your ideal website. We’ll discuss platform functionality, flexibility, best features, which platforms have the best and most useful templates and layouts, and of course pricing.


WordPress, arguably the most popular web design platform available, is a monster of its own, powering a whopping 64 million current websites. From startups to large corporations, WordPress has become a favored choice among businesses worldwide due to the fact that it offers a wide range of features, all solely designed to help build a site from scratch into a robust and efficient page.

With WordPress, the possibilities are endless. It is a user-friendly platform that allows for a flexible expansion including hosting, theme building, plugin integration, and much more. Website types range from a dynamic online store, to simple landing pages, with solution-specific plugins (both free and paid) easily available.

WordPress makes it easy, even for those not too familiar with coding, to design to their liking by using theme builders that come with pre-design sections such as calls to action, contact forms, hero and header sections, and much more. Some of the most well-known WordPress theme builders include Elementor Pro, used by over 5 million websites, or Divi, a dynamic drag-and-drop builder. Perhaps your digital needs include selling goods and services online? Using WooCommerce with WordPress is an excellent choice for that. Determining the right theme builder is key to perfecting the layout in mind, as every builder offers a wide variety of sections, features, kits, and integrations.

For starters, opening a WordPress account is absolutely free. Additional costs within the account include your website domain, hosting plan, and all the necessary paid plugins needed to power your website. If you’re ready to build a responsive website for your brand or business, Ninety is only a call or message away! Let’s connect and help you build the WordPress site of your dreams.

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A powerful and well-equipped eCommerce platform, Shopify powers almost 34% of all online stores in the US. When it comes to choosing the right eCommerce platform, Shopify stands out by offering almost unmatched features including, a large library of pre-designed themes, both free and paid, that immediately adjust to the type of store front your online store requires. Additionally, users are not limited to Shopify’s themes as the platform allows for back-end redesign including CSS and HTML code editing, as well as Shopify’s Liquid, a more dynamic, open-source language.

Another valuable feature for Shopify users is its wide range of free and paid apps. These apps provide substantial value to online sites by helping them increase sales and traffic, as well as presenting specific services such as product filtering, shipping and handling, product catalog integrations, email marketing automations, conversion tracking, and much more. Shopify’s efficient structure helps eCommerce websites improve with additional solutions such as selling via connected social channels, up-to-the-minute sales and inventory tracking, a user-friendly management system, and more. The platform opens doors for those not fully experienced with developing an online shop to run it with minimal efforts.

Shopify pricing is delightfully very inexpensive, even for those that are starting with a low budget. Their basic plan starts at $29/month, followed by their most popular business plan at $79/month, and continued by their most advanced plan at $299/month. To see all their pricing and plan features, check out Shopify’s pricing page here.

Ready to set up your online store? We can help your business thrive and your products sell the right way. Connect with us today and we’ll get your eCommerce site started.

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Although used primarily by beginner web designers, Wix has been around long enough to gain popularity among small to medium sized businesses in need of a less complex website. Like other platforms, Wix offers a painless drag-and-drop structure that helps designers and developers bring their creations to life. Users can choose between designing a website from scratch by dragging specific features on their blank canvas, or using one of the many pre-designed and responsive templates that Wix provides.

Very similar to other web design platforms out there, Wix has a collection of apps that are relevant to specific features needed to enhance a website, these apps are both free and paid but offer valuable solutions that include site analytics, advanced contact forms, live chats, website heat maps, pop-ups, and many more.

When it comes to pricing, Wix can get a little more complex. They have a few plans available, each with specific features and costs, but all very beneficial in its own way. To start, Wix has tiered pricing plans that include basic website plans, business and eCommerce plans, and more accelerated enterprise plans. These plans vary in cost from $16/month all the way to almost $500/month and above. To see more detailed plans for your business, check out Wix’s pricing plans here.

Ninety can help your small to medium sized business with a stunning Wix website. If you’re ready to get started, let’s get in touch today!

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Hubspot CMS

Aside from their very dynamic CRM software, Hubspot has become one of the leading avenues for designers to develop their websites. The platform is built with an easy-flowing content dashboard, accessible for managing all your website’s items like images, videos, blogs, and other third-party content. Similar to the previously mentioned CMS platforms, Hubspot offers a progressive drag-and-drop web editor with detailed content features to help make your website stand out. They also provide users with popular and responsive themes and other essential attributes for a working website.

Hubspot stands out by giving access to productive tools, these include a unique A/B testing feature that helps implement different website testing processes, choose the most effective one for launch. The platform is also known for having highly functional SEO tools designed to deliver on-page and technical SEO results.

Hubspot’s useful and effective CMS has many features ready to help you launch your website quickly and well-equipped, you can see more information on their platform here. When it comes to pricing, Hubspot CMS has tiers for every need, starting with a low $23/month and offering basic site hosting, templates, app marketplace, and all the other valuable tools for a swift launch. Check out the rest of Hubspot’s platform pricing to learn more about their valuable features.

Ready to get your website up and running with Hubspot’s CMS? Ninety Web is your solution – give us a call today!

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We finally arrive at Joomla, another open source CMS platform, created especially for more experienced developers, and for more complex websites. Although not necessarily a drag-and-drop builder, Joomla does provide a very similar web editor to WordPress, as well as a comparable, yet slightly smaller, extension and plugin library. Like the other CMS platforms, Joomla serves designers and developers with solution-specific tools useful for page growth, analytics, add-ons, and more.

Joomla, like WordPress, has a tight-knit community of developers, designers, and experienced editors that provide useful information on how to properly expand and build within the Joomla platform. All in all, Joomla’s extensive and dynamic structure is a powerful tool for launching complex websites, and is suggested to use experienced Joomla developers for a proper launch without site errors.

The Joomla CMS platform is fully free to use. However, hosting and domain services are not provided, so its recommended purchasing hosting solutions within other third party companies.

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So that’s our list for this year’s top CMS platforms to build your website. Every platform has their unique feature, some offer more than others in terms of flexibility, themes, SEO tools, functionality, and pricing. One thing is true, any of these fantastic CMS platforms can launch your website successfully!

Ninety Web offers web design services using any of the mentioned editors, if one of those is of interest to you and you’re ready to launch your website just connect with us and we’ll help build your digital brand.

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