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Email Marketing

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Reaching Your Audience Directly

It’s no secret that email marketing has become a rewarding approach when it comes to reaching the right audience. With the right segment and message, your campaign can resonate and generate a high amount of traffic and conversions back to your site.

Email marketing strategies are a resourceful way to build digital communities, increase site traffic, and promote your products and services to a niche market.

Campaign Management

Our campaign management efforts are the key to a successful launch. We ensure crucial aspects of the campaign are applied, this includes proper tracking, delivering to the right audience, and recurring optimization.

Email Layout Design

An effective marketing campaign starts with a powerful layout and design. We focus on delivering eye-catching email content that includes engaging copy, relevant visuals, personalization, and clear calls to action.

Email Marketing Automations

We develop powerful email campaigns that include proper automations, such as adding subscribed or open lists to various additional channels for the purpose of cross-selling, lead nurturing, follow-ups, and much more.

eCommerce Email Marketing

One way to gain an edge over the competition is to use email marketing automation tools, which can streamline your marketing efforts and help you engage with prospective customers more effectively. Having email marketing automations for your online store is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with paying customers and promote your eCommerce business effectively.

At Ninety, we can create effective eCommerce email campaigns that drive sales and build customer loyalty.

Welcome emails set the tone for a customer’s journey, making that initial interaction meaningful and memorable. Leveraging automation, these emails are triggered immediately upon a user’s subscription or first purchase, providing a personalized introduction to the brand, its values, and exclusive offerings.

These automated emails serve as digital receipts, providing customers with instant reassurance that their orders have been successfully placed. Beyond the basic transactional information, order confirmation emails often include order details, shipping information, and expected delivery dates, keeping customers informed every step of the way.

When customers leave items behind in their online shopping carts, these automated emails come to the rescue. We craft these emails to be timely and personalized, as they serve as reminders and incentives for customers to return and complete their purchases, and ultimately increasing your online sales.

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