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Providing website performance and optimization services that help improve your page’s speed, functionality, and increase in traffic

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Website Performance Optimization

Website performance is the main indicator of the well-being of your site. Along with design and layout, it is one of the most important factors when building your website. Site performance measures a page’s load time, its general functionality, security measures, and more. 

Here at Ninety, we take into consideration all of these factors and apply them to your site, ultimately leading to beneficial results such as improved rankings, longer visitor times, and higher conversions

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Improve Page Speed

We can take your site from a low page speed score to the top, for both mobile and desktop, by integrating practices that remove unused content that hurts the website and back-end elements that increase load times

CDN Servers

By using a Content Delivery Network, we improve the performance and connectivity of your website by removing content redundancy, reducing bandwidth costs, and helping with your website’s security

Efficient Hosting

Our secure web hosting services help your website load and take action faster, all due to highly efficient servers that enable websites to perform better with speed, experience, user conversion, and more

Performance Plugins

With the right plugins, we’re able to take your website’s performance to the next level by creating metrics that will evaluate your performance status and take action on what web elements require update

Layout Functionality

Improving layout functionality is beneficial for the performance of your website as it improves site optimization, creates a pleasant user experience, and boosts your brand’s perception

Compression & Minification

Compressing and minifying website files helps get rid of unwanted and sometimes harmful files. It also helps improve website speed and functionality, reduce HTTP requests and data transfers, and more

Website Not Performing?

There are many factors that can decrease the performance of a website. Starting with poor layout and design, problems only get worse after that. Benchmarks that define a well-built website are page speed and load times, good hosting services and servers, heavy files being used, layout functionality, and more. If your website has substandard functions and its performance is not cutting it, we can help!

Page Weight

The total weight of your website is a major factor for its performance. Heavy and uncompressed files make your loading time suffer

Large Files

Large files make the rendering of your website harder, ultimately leading to poor performance. Limiting hefty files or compressing is good web practice

Render-Blocking Resources

Render-blocking code is also a bad sign of your site’s performance. It slows down loading time and makes it clunky

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