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Website Security

Enhance the security of your website with our professional and reliable security services

website security service

Maximizing The Security Of Your Site

A secure website ensures that crucial information within your website is protected from cybercriminals and hackers. Having a secure website is not only important for protecting the sensitive information, but also for maintaining a trustworthy reputation online. At Ninety, we take security measures such as password protection, monitoring of quality plugins downloads, and even more advanced takes to ensure a safe and secure site

Secure Plugins

These plugins provide an added layer of protection by ensuring that any added functionality maintains the safety of the website’s data and user interactions

Strong Passwords

We implement strong passwords to enhance the security and guarding against unauthorized access to sensitive information and administrative controls

No Spam Or Bots

Our spam control adds anti-spam measures such as CAPTCHA challenges, IP blocking, and spam filtering plugins to maintain a high level of user engagement and data integrity

Essential Website Security Tools

Using various practical tools, our website security solutions aim to protect your website from unexpected cyber threats and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information. These techniques are designed to protect against specific types of threats that can make your website vulnerable to hacking and other security incidents

Secure Hosting

With secure hosting, your website can benefit with SSL certificates, regular backups, 24/7 support, and more

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates provide encryption for sensitive information transmitted between the website and users

Malware Scans

With regular malware scans, we detect and remove unwanted and malicious threats within your site

We Protect Your Website With Essential Backups

All of our website solutions serve your business with an automated backup system, used to ensure that your data is updated, saved, and easily recovered in the event of a server failure, cyber attack, and more. Having a daily backup allows for added peace of mind knowing that valuable content is always backed to the fullest, and ensuring minimal downtime

Can My Website Be At Risk Of Hacking?

While hacks and threats can happen to any website, we use a wide arsenal of security tools that decrease threats in half

How Can You Keep My Website Secure?

Our web security tools and techniques, both basic and advanced, help keep your website safe and secure from unprecedented threats

How Often Is My Website Backed Up?

We suggest having daily backups of your website, however, there are options to have them done monthly or even quarterly

How Often Are Plugins & Add-Ons Updated?

All website plugins are usually set to update automatically. However, we have alerts whenever a plugin did not update or requires a manual revision

Do I Have To Purchase An SSL Certificate?

Most of the hosting plans we recommend come with a secure SSL certificate for your website. However, all of our website projects do come with our own version of a secure SSL certificate

Do My Forms Have ReCaptcha?

All of the forms in our web design projects include a secure reCaptcha integration. However, there are very minimal instances where spammers or bots can infiltrate and make form submissions

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